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When it comes to searching for a tutor in Ajax or Pickering, you can be faced with many choices. How do you choose? What experience should I look for? How much do I want to spend? TutorTag strives to alleviate this problem and gives parents the power of choice. Don't leave it up to someone else. Our tutors range in price from $15/hr to $60/hr depending on a variety of factors but we allow you to choose.

One on One Tutoring

Each of our tutors provide in your home (or coffee shop/library) tutoring. This allows the student to feel comfortable with the tutor and provides an engaging learning experience.

Ajax/Pickering Tutors
We have tutors in Altona, Amberlea, Bay Ridges, Brock Ridge, Delaney, Discovery Bay, Downtown, Dunbarton, East Shore, Fairport, Glendale, Harwood, Miller's Creek, North Ajax, Northwest Ajax, Pickering Beach, Riverside, Rougemont, Shoal Point Road, South Pickering, Westney, and Woodlands