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Sunny (Chi Hang) C

  • $30.00 - $30.00/hour
  • Bachelor's Degree
  • No background check on file

I have a degree in Specialization Chemistry as well as Specialization Astrophysics from the University of Alberta. Since I finished both degrees with specialization, I have taken courses at the highest level in the respective program. As a result, I am comfortable with Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. I have had some tutoring experience in the past where I tutored my friends for free. I have been hired by the Chemistry Department at the University of Alberta to work as a Teaching Assistant in the laboratory for General (Introductory) Chemistry where I was responsible for supervising the laboratory experiments. As a side, I also tutor students on lecture materials. I always listen to my students, allow them to tell me the problem(s) they are experiencing throughout the session. I always start by breaking down the problem(s) into smaller and simpler pieces in a way that the students can understand and then slowly piece everything back together. I really enjoy seeing my students walking away from my tutoring session with great confident in the subject they were tutored on and I really appreciate the fact that I am able to be part of it. I am also capable of teaching in 3 different languages (English, Cantonese, and Mandarin). Currently I am enrolled in the Masters program in Chemistry at the University of Alberta. My responsibilities included teaching two laboratory sections and tutoring in the help room each week. In my spare time, I participate in fundraising events such as CIBC Run For The Cure and Mother's Day Walk, both of which are cancer-related events. I also take dance lessons with the U of A Dance Club on a weekly basis where I learn how to do Ballroom and Latin dances. In the past, I have also volunteered both at the senior home and at the daycare center where I was responsible for taking care of the elders and the infants, respectively.

Sunny (Chi Hang) Speaks the following languages:

English (Full Professional) Chinese (Native Or Bilingual)

Sunny (Chi Hang)'s relevant education:

University of Alberta (Specialization in Chemistry and Specialization in Astrophysics) (Completed) Masters Degree in Chemistry (Current)

Sunny (Chi Hang)'s availabilities:

Fridays between 3:00pm and 5:00pm

Tutor's the following subjects:

Chemistry 20 $30/hr (home)   Chemistry 30 $30/hr (home)   Introductory Chemistry $30/hr (home)   Introductory Physics $30/hr (home)   Math 20-1 $30/hr (home)   Math 30-1 $30/hr (home)   Math 31 $30/hr (home)   Math Grades 3-6 $30/hr (home)   Math Grades 7-9 $30/hr (home)   Physics 20 $30/hr (home)   Physics 30 $30/hr (home)  

Tutor's in:

Albany  Aldergrove  Allard  Ambleside  Aspen Gardens  Athlone  Balwin  Baranow  Baturyn  Bearspaw  Beaumaris  Belle Rive  Belmead  Blackburne  view more communities...

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