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Vikrum R

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Hi, I am Vik! I am a University of Calgary graduate and I have extensive tutoring experience in multiple subjects and grade levels. My teaching philosophy is to engage and accommodate different type of learners, and make learning simpler and fun.

Vikrum Speaks the following languages:

English (Native Or Bilingual) Panjabi; Punjabi (Full Professional) Hindi (Native Or Bilingual) Japanese (Elementary)

Vikrum's relevant education:

Bachelor of Science, Biological Sciences Bachelor of Education, Secondary Science

Vikrum's availabilities:

Mondays between 5:00pm and 9:00pm
Tuesdays between 5:00pm and 9:00pm
Wednesdays between 5:00pm and 9:00pm
Thursdays between 5:00pm and 9:00pm
Fridays between 5:00pm and 9:00pm
Sundays between 9:30am and 7:00pm
Saturdays between 9:30am and 4:00pm

Tutor's the following subjects:

Biology 20 $40/hr (home) $36/hr (online)   Intro Statistics $40/hr (home) $36/hr (online)   Introductory Biology $40/hr (home) $36/hr (online)   Math 10C $40/hr (home) $36/hr (online)   Math 20-1 $40/hr (home) $36/hr (online)   Math 20-2 $40/hr (home) $36/hr (online)   Math 20-3 $40/hr (home) $36/hr (online)   Math Grades 3-6 $40/hr (home) $36/hr (online)   Math Grades 7-9 $40/hr (home) $36/hr (online)   Science 10 $40/hr (home) $36/hr (online)   Science 20 $40/hr (home) $36/hr (online)   Science Grades 7-9 $40/hr (home) $36/hr (online)   Chemistry 20 $40/hr (home) $36/hr (online)   Math 10-3 $40/hr (home) $36/hr (online)   English 10-1 $40/hr (home) $36/hr (online)   English 10-2 $40/hr (home) $36/hr (online)   Reading Writing Grades 1-6 $40/hr (home) $36/hr (online)   Science 30 $40/hr (home) $36/hr (online)   Social Studies Grades 7-9 $40/hr (home) $36/hr (online)   Spelling and Reading Grades 1-6 $40/hr (home) $36/hr (online)   Physics 20 $40/hr (home) $36/hr (online)   Chemistry 30 $40/hr (home) $36/hr (online)  

Tutor's in:

Abbeydale  Altadore  Banff Trail  Balmoral  Bankview  Beddington Heights  Belfast  Bel-Aire  Beltline  Bowness  Briar Hill  Brentwood  Bridgeland  Britannia  view more communities...

"He is great with my son. And reliable too."

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