Number Of Students Upgrading Goes Up - Choosing The Right Institution

Recently, the Calgary Herald published an article stating that Calgary students have been scoring average or above average on their diploma exams compared to other Alberta students. Although this is the case, the number of students upgrading after high school has gone up. You can view the article here.

Many students are turning to upgrading after high school to improve their marks in a variety of subjects. There are many choices for students in Calgary needing to upgrade. Some institutions in Calgary that offer upgrading courses are Mount Royal University, Chinook Learning, Alberta Distance Learning and St. Anne's.

Before choosing an upgrading institution in Calgary students must consider a variety of factors. One of the most important factors is cost. Chinook Learning is currently $65 if you are under 20 years old. The classes they offer are either self directed or classroom learning. The self directed option can be completed in 4 months and is directed at independent learners. To complete this, make sure you are very motivated!

Alberta Distance Learning is a self paced program in which they provide you with modules and learning resources to complete the course on your own. You do have access to a teacher to ask questions to but the course is not in a classroom. Again, this option is great for students who are independent learners. We have seen numerous students go through this program with excellent end results. One factor to consider when choosing Alberta Distance Learning is your ability to score well on tests. The majority of your mark is coming from test results,especially if the course is a 30 level course with the diploma exam.

Rewriting the diploma is another option for many students. The major disadvantage of this is to not see any of the material for 5-6 months before the rewrite. A remedy to this would be to take the class through Alberta Distance Learning or Chinook. Overall, you should decide what ways you learn best and choose the option that matches you.