A modern approach to finding a tutor.

Advanced Tutor Search

Select the area that you would like to meet the tutor for the tutoring lesson. Usually this is your own home, however if you prefer you can also meet the tutor at a public location like a library or coffee shop.

Once you've selected the area for tutoring, choose the subject. Only tutors who tutor in the area and subject you've chosen will be listed in the search results.

From the search results you can browse different tutor's cost, experience, biography and availability. We put you in the driver's seat and allow you to decide which tutor will work best with you or your son or daughter.

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Simplified Booking/Hiring Process

Once you have chosen a suitable tutor you can easily hire them for a single tutoring session or a recurring tutoring session. The typical hiring process takes between 2-3 minutes on average.

During this time, we will ask you for your name, a phone number, email address, location for tutoring and payment information.

Our simplified hiring process completely eliminates the need to play phone tag with potential tutors regarding availability, scheduling & cost.

Communication With Your Tutor

Once you've chosen and hired a tutor, we provide a phone number to reach your tutor by text or calling, an email address, and the ability to message them using the TutorTag platform.

Once the tutoring session has been booked, we recommend calling, texting and e-mailing your tutor to open a line of communication, especially before the first tutoring session.

Examples Of Tutoring Styles

Below are a few ficticious examples of how lessons can be individualized.

Jimmy is a Math student who currently has an 80% in high school math. His parents chose a tutor with a degree in mathematics to help him work through practice problems. They spend the majority of the time doing actual practice problems. Jimmy's tutor doesn't prepare a lesson plan but leaves him with plenty of notes to study off of for his upcoming test.

Roger is a grade 5 student however is reading at a grade 3 level. He also has an IPP. His parents chose a certified teacher who specializes in reading & writing. The tutor spends the first hour assessing Roger and creating a detailed lesson plan. The next few tutoring sessions the tutor works with Roger and executes the lesson plan. She also leaves Roger's parents with some additional resources for him to use while she is not there.

Stephanie is in Advanced Placement (AP) Biology and has her final exam coming up in May. She hires a tutor to help for a few hours creating cue cards and diagrams for her final. She set's up 3 tutoring lessons for 2 hours each time to help her go through the entire course over again. During the session they may go through practice exam questions or make notes & cue cards for Stephanie to study with.

The Process Of Tutoring

Most tutoring takes place in the comfort of your own home, however you may prefer at a library or coffee shop or online.

Usually the tutor will want to know some background information on the student such as what chapter they are working on currently, the current age and grade level, whether they have any learning disabilities or other relevant information.

Each tutor varies in experience and style. TutorTag doesn't have any sort of private course curriculum that each tutor follows, rather they will create individualized lessons custom to each student. Each tutor will follow the provincial curriculum where the student is located. You are free to provide recommendations to the tutors and each tutor will come with their own style.

As you can see from the examples to the side, each student is different and each lesson is different.

The Payment Process

Our payment process is completely cashless and transparent. We only accept Visa, Visa Debit, Mastercard & American Express. To book a tutor we require that you have a valid credit or debit card on file with us.

Once the tutor has finished the tutoring lesson, they will log into their TutorTag account from their phone or computer and submit the session for billing with the time and date. You will then be charged the agreed upon amount using the payment method you provided. You will then be sent an immediate email receipt. Additionally, you will be able to log into your TutorTag account and view your session history and download any receipts in pdf form.

This method provides a layer of protection for you. We don't immediately pay the tutor so we can adjust payments as needed. Also, you don't have to worry about running to the bank to get cash or ordering more cheques. We also use state of the art security for securing each transaction.

Some tutors also offer subscriptions for your convenience. Subscriptions are billed a little bit differently than single sessions as you pay before the tutoring. Basically, subscriptions are a way to pay for bulk tutoring at a discount.

Rebooking & Scheduling More Sessions

If you chose to rebook the tutor you selected you can schedule more sessions. TutorTag provides a few convenient methods to book more tutoring.

The first option to book another session is to log into your TutorTag account and add a new session to the calendar. Because you already created the account you don't need to enter all of your information again. You just choose the date & time for the session and the tutor will receive immediate email and text message confirmation.

The second option is to text or call the tutor at the phone number we provided you. Once you have agreed upon a time and date the tutor will add the session to the calendar themselves.

The third method would be to email or message the tutor. This method works, however can be more unreliable as some tutors don't check their email all the time or have it connected to their phones. Use this method if you are booking 4-5 days in advance.