TutorTag's Payment Process And Security

How Do TutorTag's Tutors Get Paid?

TutorTag's tutors are independent, self employed contractors who are paid through us. TutorTag is a forward thinking company and provides the most convenient methods of payment to our tutor's including direct deposit.

How Do I Pay My Tutor?

TutorTag provides the most reliable, convenient payment method to our customers through credit card or debit card. Each session is billed separately using our state of the art billing platform. This is the most convenient method of payment and we don't do any sort of cumbersome invoicing or monthly, confusing billing. Each session is billed transparently with no fees, taxes, contracts, fine print or extra charges.

Do You Store My Credit Card Information?

NO! TutorTag would like to leave the sensitive technology to the pro's. We don't store your credit card information at all. The credit card information is sent directly through our secure server's to our payment provider called Stripe. Stripe is a PCI certified authority (like all banks) and is really good at keeping information private. To view Stripe's information, please visit their security page. We don't keep your credit card on a desk, computer, server or anywhere that can be accessed by us.

Is TutorTag A Safe Place To Use My Credit Card?

YES! Our website is equally as secure as Paypal or Netflix in terms of technology and arguably safer because we aren't a target for hackers (small tutoring company vs global financial transaction company & giant media company). We use TLS 1.0 256bit encryption with 2048 bit root keys and our SSL provider provides a $500,000 warranty in case their provided encryption fails and the end clients security is compromised. You can verify our security by clicking the lock next to the url in your browser. All security information is displayed there to inform you of the websites encryption. To read more about how it is safe to use a credit card on a SSL website that you trust, visit the Government of Canada's which explains how it's safe to use your credit card online from a secure website: Government Of Canada Website.

How Can I Trust TutorTag?

The easiest way to verify that a company is real is to visit their social media pages. Our's are easy to find.
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We take great pride in not having a single negative review on our service. We have also never had any data breaches or privacy issues.