Tutoring Subscriptions With TutorTag

Due to popular demand, TutorTag is one of the only tutoring companies that allows the flexibility of subscriptions. Subscriptions are a way for clients to purchase multiple sessions in bulk and commit to multiple sessions for a deep discount.

As an example, a tutor might normally charge $50/hr for a single tutoring session. However, you may wish to purchase 4 sessions for the month and want to pay less. The tutor then offers you a 4 hour monthly plan for $160. The single session price would normally cost $200 ($50/hr x 4) so you would be saving $10/hr for that month. The subscription plans are automatically billed monthly and can be canceled at any time. Also, if you end up using more than the number of hours you purchased, the additional sessions will be billed at the discounted hourly rate of $40/hr.

All unused hours are refunded to you so you don't have to worry about not using the sessions. So, in the above example, let's say that you only ended up using 3 out of the 4 sessions that you purchased. You would end up paying the regular hourly rate of $50/hr x 3 = $150. This would result in a refund of $10 because you paid $160 at the beginning of that billing period.

* The above is just an example, and each tutor is different. See the tutor's profiles for the available subscription plans that they offer.