Online Tutoring For Calgary Students

Online tutoring is an affordable, convenient method of tutoring that is growing in popularity. Our system allows students to connect with tutors from virtually anywhere. Many people have the misconception of what online tutoring actually is. It is the virtually the same in every way as in home tutoring. The only difference is the student is unable to physically touch the tutor, which doesn't happen any way! Students are able to upload/take a photo with your ipad/iphone of their documents, worksheets & practice problems to the tutor before the tutoring sessions take place.


A web browser. Same thing you use to access Facebook. Usually Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, or even Microsoft's new Project Spartan! Alternatively, you can use an ipad or tablet.

How Do I Write?

Some students use a pen tablet (usually around $79). These are not required but can be useful depending on the amount of tutoring you will be doing.

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