Teaching What To Learn And How To Learn

Teaching not only what to learn but how to learn is a core concept of TutorTag's philosophy. We often refer to this as the hidden curriculum. Students always seem to ask the question "why are we learning this?" or "I'm never going to use this". This is what we know of as the hidden curriculum.

As you work your way throughout school you will learn a variety of concepts, techniques and skills. For the most part you will forget the specific concepts that you learned however you will not forget the techniques and skills. These are the skills you will carry with you in your future career and life. For example, learning about factoring polynomials may seem very useless at the time but you are learning how to reason through an abstract problem.

Study habits, reasoning ability, patience and organization skills are all examples of the "how to learn" category of learning. At TutorTag we focus on these secondary skills as well as the primary concept skills.