Why TutorTag?

Why do we do what we do? Our company was founded because of the lack of one on one attention teachers are able to give their students. With the recent lack of funding in the public school system, the class sizes have reached an all time high. It is not uncommon to see 35 or even 30 students in a high school class! However, the Government of Alberta expects students to perform on provincial exams worth 50% of their grade! How is this possible when teachers cannot possibly give one on one attention to students. We take pride in teaching all students individually while instilling confidence and a renewed desire for education.

Years Of Experience

Our tutors range from undergraduate students, masters students, PhD students, degree holders and teachers. Our tutors are backed by years of experience within our company to provide quality education for all our students.

Trusted Tutors

Each tutor we select to join our team are hand selected from all applicants. We trust our tutors fully to provide excellent tutoring to our clients. Each tutor is individually screened and selected based on what they are able to bring to TutorTag. Find A Tutor In Calgary Today

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