How To Choose An Edmonton Tutor

When you are a parent there are many choices you have to make regarding your child's education. Perhaps one of those choices will be choosing the best tutor for your son/daughter. There are many things to consider when choosing a tutor in Edmonton.

How To Choose An Edmonton Tutor

Does The Tutor Have Experience?

You have a choice to make with the experience of your tutor. There are many tutors out there that are below average cost but don't have much experience. These tutors are often very motivated to become experienced and gain tutoring hours. On the other hand, you may have somebody who is very experienced and can recite the entire textbook from memory. These tutors are often best to not only teach the subject matter but to also teach the quirks and tricks to help your son or daughter.

Are They Busy?

If you choose a tutor in Edmonton who has a very busy schedule, you could get yourself in trouble trying to book additional sessions. Make sure that you schedule your sessions well in advance for a busy Edmonton tutor.

Should I Interview Each Tutor?

In our experience, interviewing a tutor for 15 minutes before any tutoring takes place does not help in determining the quality of the tutor. The best method to determine the quality of the tutor is to have one tutoring session. Your son/daughter will tell you after the session if they fit well with the tutor.

Should I Use An Edmonton Tutoring Company or Go Private?

Using a tutoring company gives you the luxury of knowing that the tutor you get will already be pre-screened and interviewed so you don't have to. Tutoring companies often charge a premium for this and it will most likely cost more to use a tutoring company. With TutorTag, we let the tutors choose their pricing but also do all the pre-screening of tutors. We give you the best of both worlds.