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I am currently enrolling in the B.Sc Neuroscience, Honors degree in the University of Alberta. I can teach very well in both Vietnamese and English. I finished two years of my high school in Vietnam from the Hanoi National University of Science: High School for Gifted Students and the last year here, in Toronto, Canada. In both educational systems, I obtained solid foundation knowledge in science and other subjects as well. During my young career, I have built a track record of my consistency in academic and extracurricular work. I was nominated as the Valedictorian in the Upper Madison College, Toronto. I also received academic scholarships from the University as a first-year science student. When tutoring, I prefer summarizing the required basic knowledge first then working through the problem together. This way, the person can be exposed to the problem-solving thinkings and through training, soon will develop one for themselves. Moreover, by just summarizing the lesson and not teaching it over again, time will be better spent on a more important aspect of science, tackling problems. I am also comfortable with teaching ESL. I have completed my IELTS Test two years ago with an overall grade of 7.0. I am able to perform strong critical thinking, and verbal and written communication skills. I am also very flexible and adaptive. I have been a private tutor in Math and English for a year in Toronto and received many positive feedbacks. I am meticulous and careful with my work, as a result of the time staying in the University Health Network – Toronto Rehab Centre and the Anne Johnston Health Station and Tobias House Attendant Care as a volunteer. Through working with different patients, including children, I acquired patience, responsibility, persistence, and determination. I practiced Taekwondo when I was in Vietnam. I reached the red-belt level but decided to drop to navigate my concentration towards studying and other interests. I also enjoy drawing and painting.

An Speaks the following languages:

Vietnamese (Native Or Bilingual) English (Full Professional)

An's relevant education:

University of Alberta - BSc. Neuroscience (Honors)

An's availabilities:

Mondays between 5:00pm and 7:00pm
Wednesdays between 5:00pm and 7:00pm
Fridays between 5:00pm and 7:00pm

Tutor's the following subjects:

Biology 30   Chemistry 20   Chemistry 30   ESL   Introductory Biology   Introductory Chemistry   Math 10-3   Math 10C   Math 20-1   Math 20-2   Math 20-3   Math 30-1   Math 30-2   Math 31   Math Grades 3-6   Math Grades 7-9   Science 10   Science 20   Science 30   Science Grades 7-9  

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