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General Free Tutoring Questions
TutorTag provides free online real time tutoring in the form of a question answer format. Students can freely ask questions while they are doing their homework and have a registered tutor respond in real time.
The "tutors online" window will tell you what tutors are actively on the tutoring board in real time. This means that the tutors are currently on the board waiting for students to ask them questions.
If you need general help on how to use the free tutoring chat board, you can read through these frequently asked questions. If you have specific questions or need specific help, don't hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to help.
Points are a fun way to keep track of how many questions you have asked or answered.
For Students
Currently, there are no limits to the amount of questions you can ask. However, keep in mind that if you ask 100 questions it could be hard for the tutor to give you a detailed response to each question. Try asking a detailed and specific question for what you need an answer to.
The point system is a fun way to measure how many questions and your activity on TutorTag's free tutoring chat system.
For Parents
There is no catch. The system is completely free for students to ask questions to verified, quality tutors. The tutors provide this service to gain exposure to their profiles and show their skills.