Empathy->Patience->Trust->Encouragement->Satisfied Student!

To future students and or parents of students:

I learned at a rate that I could, and always did my best! Result, earning my 2 degrees within 7years (BA-Economics in 2010, BEd-Mathematics in 2013, Oxford Seminars in TESOL/TESL/TEFL in 2018) with the family's ongoing support. With many learning highs and few lows but Mom, husband, kids, and 4+ professors we're there for me.

Result, I presently give back to student in grade 12, grade 6 what was given to me, and I am a substitute instructor at Columbia College in Calgary, AB, Canada! . All the students have different learning needs and I work each of them to keep their spirits high!

Love to meet you online or your child, teenager, adult student and tutor them to success with your shoulders to lean on, together they will succeed as learning is joint effot!!!

I love to learn, my next plan is to earn my Masters! Education is addictive!!!



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