How to memorise amino acid structures

Memorising abstract amino acid structures is difficult. 

Now that thats out of the way, here are 3 tips to make it a little less difficult: 

1. Memorise the backbone of the amino acids, they all have the same structural backbone and differ only (with the exception of proline) in their R group, so just focus on the R group attached. 

2. Group them into smaller sections based on similarities. I found grouping them by functional group to be the easiest way to learn them, which amino acids have a carboxylic acid vs thiol vs simple alkane. It made things easier to understand and BONUS you get an idea of shared properties! 

3. Lastly, QUIZ YOURSELF. I invested in an app that was only 99cents and it tests you based on structure, names, and properties. once you are past the app, practice drawing them and continuously quiz yourself. 

I hope this helps!