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I am a graduate of the University of Alberta, with a double major in math and physics and it is in these subjects where my passion lies. I love explaining the things I've learned to others, as well as using what I know to help them where need it. I am able to use various methods to explain concepts and I'm very good at getting ideas across to people with a limited background in the subject. I've been tutoring for over two years and I've seen my clients improve with both their skills and confidence in themselves. The majority of people I've tutored were high school students. I am familiar with the math and science curriculum. I've worked as an instructor at a bike camp for the past two summers and have gained valuable experience in using drills, games and other activities to teach children. I've also volunteered as an exam reader to help students write final exams. I enjoy running and biking. I play board games with friends and attend a knitting circle once a week. I also like reading, crossword and Sudoku puzzles, and playing Magic,

Alexandria Speaks the following languages:

English (Native Or Bilingual)

Alexandria's relevant education:

Graduated from University of Alberta April 2017 with a Bachelor of Science majoring in math and physics

Alexandria's availabilities:

Sundays between 7:00am and 7:15am

Tutor's the following subjects:

Introductory Physics $28/hr (home) $30/hr (online)   Math 20-1 $28/hr (home) $28/hr (online)   Math 251 $30/hr (home) $30/hr (online)   Math 253 $30/hr (home) $30/hr (online)   Math 30-1 $28/hr (home) $28/hr (online)   Math 31 $28/hr (home) $28/hr (online)   Math Grades 7-9 $28/hr (home) $28/hr (online)   Physics 20 $28/hr (home) $28/hr (online)   Physics 30 $28/hr (home) $28/hr (online)   Math 10C $28/hr (home) $28/hr (online)   Math 20-2 $28/hr (home) $28/hr (online)   Math 30-2 $28/hr (home) $28/hr (online)   Science 10 $28/hr (home) $28/hr (online)   Science Grades 7-9 $28/hr (home) $28/hr (online)   Biology 20 $28/hr (home) $28/hr (online)   Biology 30 $28/hr (home) $28/hr (online)   Chemistry 20 $28/hr (home) $28/hr (online)   Math Grades 3-6 $25/hr (home) $28/hr (online)   Science 20 $28/hr (home) $28/hr (online)   Science 30 $28/hr (home) $28/hr (online)   Chemistry 30 $28/hr (home) $28/hr (online)  

Tutor's in:

Allendale  Argyll  Belgravia  Boyle Street  Callingwood  Central McDougall  Cromdale  Downtown  Empire Park  Garneau  Grandview Heights  Hazeldean  Laurier Heights  Lendrum Place  view more communities...

"Alex has a natural ability and ease when communicating Physics content which makes it easier for her students to understand, apply and remember. "

"Alex takes her tutoring seriously. She is patient and creative with her approach, and always kind. I have to tell her she needs to stop as the time is over, as she cares about teaching my son!!"

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