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What is the vertical translation is applied to y=x squared if the transformation graph passes through point (4,19)?

4 years ago

Answered By Alexandria M

With the equator y=x2 we know normally x=4 would correspond to y=16.  We are given the point (4,19) or for x=4, y=19. The vertical translation can be found by finding the difference in y values between the new graph and the original: 19-16=3. The positive means it has been shifted up by 3.

4 years ago

Answered By Aiea M

Looking at the original equation, given that x=4 we know that y=x^2 and hence the y value associated with x=4 is y=16. now look at the point given to us, we can see that the y value is 19 when x is 4, this means that the difference between the y value of the translated graph (19), and that of the OG graph (16) is positive 3. So, the vertical translation is +3.

4 years ago

Answered By Sujalakshmy V

Here the question is to find the vertical translation. This means y coordinate is changed due to transformation. The original function is y=x^2 which means corresponding to the value of x=4, y coordinate is 4^2=16. The point in the original graph is (4,16). This is transformed in to (4,19) which means it has moved by 3 units up. so the vertical translation is +3.