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 Olfactory cells → sensory neurons → olfactory bulb → occipital lobe

2 years ago

Answered By Janna W

It's hard to tell what the question here is. However I can make an easy correction to this - the occipital lobe is for VISION and not smell (olfactory is smell).

2 years ago

Answered By Arsalan Q

As Janna said it's tricky to tell what the question is, but I think I can guess. The olfactory cells leading to sensory neurons is correct so far, the olfactory cells line our nasal cavities and send info regarding smells to sensory neurons. After the sensory neurons convert the smells to nerve impulses they go to the olfactory bulb, after this however they travel to the olfactory nerve, not the occipital lobe. The olfactory nerve is the part of the nervous system that connects the peripheral and sensory nervous systems with regard to our sense of smell. So the occipital lobe should probably be the olfactory nerve. Another option is that it should be the Parietal Lobe. The parietal lobe is the part of the brain that interprets our five senses for us and gives us a sense of what's happening to the body with stimuli. So to answer your question, the occipital lobe is incorrect as a part of the olfactory system, it should be either the olfactory nerve, or parietal lobe, or both to be as specific as possible

Hope this helped :)