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-2.09595 x (T2-95.6) degrees celcius=104.5 x (T2-25) degrees celcius

I am trying to solve for T2 

6 years ago

Answered By Melis G

Start by expanding the bracket on both sides:

-2.09595(T2) + 200.372 = 104.5(T2) -2612.5

Now you just need to collect like terms and isolate for T2:

200.372 + 2612.5 =2.09595T2 +104.5 T2

And just continue with the math...


6 years ago

Answered By Deeti P

Solve for T2 by isolating the variable.

Start by expanding.

-2.09595T+ (95.6x2.09595) = 104.5T2 - (104.5x25)

104.5T2+2.9595T2 = (95.6x2.09595) + (104.5x25)

Now you have T2 on one side of the equation.

Try to solve it from here!