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A crate of bananas with a mass of 25.0 kg is dragged across a level floor by an applied force of +150 N [E] against a frictional force of 50.0 N [W]. What is the observed acceleration of the crate?


2 years ago

Answered By Majid B

  $F_{net}=m.a$Fnet=m.a   =>    $a=\frac{F_{net}}{m}=\frac{\left(F_{app}-F_f\right)}{m}=\frac{\left(150N-50N\right)}{25kg}=4$a=Fnetm =(FappFƒ )m =(150N50N)25kg =4$\frac{m}{s^2}$ms2  [E]  

2 years ago

Answered By Albert S

This is a example of Newton's Second Law of Motion


Our net force is 150 N - 50 N = 100 N [E]

since the Force is acting East and the friction is in the opposite direction

net  = ma  isolating a

a = Fnet/m  substituting our values

a = 100 N/25 kg = (100 kg m/s2)/25 kg = 4 m/s2 [E]

additional things you could calculate related to this problem would be the co-efficient of friction.