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can someone help me with this question quickly I need it by tomorrow is really confusing pleaseeee......I'm desperate

consider the equation cos^2 θ+ tan^2 θ=2

a.graphically determine a solution to the equation, to the nearest hundredth of a radian.

b.verify the solution by substitution. complete at least one verification for each set of coterminal angle...

pleaseeee help

1 year ago

Answered By Leonardo F

a) As you can see in the graph below, we can plot both sides of the equation. The first solution is: 0.905

b) Checking:


So the solution is correct.

Attached Graph:

1 year ago

Answered By Megan R

a) Make sure your calculator is in radian mode. enter y1 = cos^2(x) + tan^2(x) and y2 = 2

Find an intersection point. The first one in Q1 is at x = 0.90 (rounded to the nearest hundredth)


b) substitute x = 0.9 into cos^2(x) + tan^2(x) = 2

because 0.9 is a rounded value, you will not get a value that is exactly 2, but it will be close to 2. 


You must also verify an intersection that is part of a different section of the graph/curve, e.g. x = 2.24 (rounded).

To do this, substitute x = 2.24 into cos^2(x) + tan^2(x) = 2

You will (again) get a value very close to 2.