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a^2 + 6ab + 5b^2 


x^2 - 10xy + 25y^2


how do I factor out when there are two different variables? 


4 years ago

Answered By David F

There is no need to be afraid of this question.  The fact that you have two squared variables means that you have two parenthetical expressions.  In the first example, a and b are squared.  That means you will have some form of (a + b) times some form of (a + b); i.e., (a + b)(a + b).  Then you look at the 6ab and the 5b2 (5b squared--my computer doesn't make the exponent symbol).  The 6ab says that you will add some numbers that come to 6.  That's either 3 + 3, 4 + 2, or 5 + 1.  If you try to make it (a + 3b)(a + 3b), it won't work.  That would give you a2 + 6ab + 9b2.  But one of the other two options does work.  See if you can find which one!  (I could explain all this easier in person!) 

4 years ago

Answered By Adam S

Answer 1: (a+1b)(a+5b)  

Answer 2: (x-5y)^2