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Given  $ Y-k=a\ left(x-h\ right)^2$ Yk=a(xh)2 , a=1, h<0, k>0, which quadrant  is the vertex in?  

6 years ago

Answered By Qi (Jeff) J

Since h<0 which indicates a left shift So it has to be in quadrant 2 and 4

Then we have k>0 which means a upward shift so it has to be in quadrant 1 and 2.

Since quadrant 2 is the only quadrant that fits both criteria then quadrant 2 is the answer

5 years ago

Answered By Sujalakshmy V

The equation Y-k=a(x-h)2 can be written as Y=a(x-h)2+k

The vertex of this equation is (h,k)

As it is given in the question, h<0, the x co-ordinate of the vertex will be in the quadrant 2 or 3.

Again as k>0, the y cordinate of the vertex will be in the quadrant 1 or 2.

Hence the vertex which matches two criteria will be a vertex in the quadrant 2.

So,Quadrant 2 is the answer.

4 years ago

Answered By Peter O

Y = a(x-h)+ k,  a = 1,  h$<$<0  and k$>$>0   

 x - h = 0  $\rightarrow$  x =h

 Y = a(x-h)2 + k  

     = a(0)2 + k    $\rightarrow$ Y = k

The vertex of Y = a(x-h)2 + k  is at  (x=h, y=k) that is the coordinate (h,k) which is in the 2nd Quadrant since h is in the negative x-axis and k is in positive y-axis.