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I need help on my thesis statement for the following essential question: How does an individual’s perspective of, and response to, a crisis define him or her? The text I am using is "A New Perspective" by Janice E. Fein

This is the thesis statement I came up with: 

Although an individual may feel victimized by bad situations that they are placed in, they must respond to the situation by considering the perspective of those who were affected as well.


2 years ago

Answered By Zuyu J

I have not read this text. But based on the given prompt, I think your thesis should try to answer the question "how does one's response to a crisis define him/her", and that means structuring your thesis and essay around the character's actions and how those actions reflect his inner struggles or inherent flaws. In addition to what you have already come up with, you can also ask the question " why did he respond the way he did?" and what is the significance of such a response. In addition to how the writer crafts his depictions, you should contemplate on his choices and it's implications and significance. In addition, the thesis should be more specific. Which details in the story are you responding to? Can you identify the character(s) you are commenting on? And how does it shed light on the author's intention?

2 years ago

Answered By Manasa R

Your thesis has a good start to it, but try answering why. Look at the question, first start off with a scenario in your head, what is the crisis sitaution that the character is in? Based on that, think about the perspective he/she has about that situation and how he/she plans to respond to it. Now that you have the what, you need the why. What does their perspective and their response say about their personality ? What does their perspective/response say about them as a person? How does their thought process DEFINE them as an individual? When trying to answer thesis statement, try not to do plot summary of the text, rather analysis of it. Yes, this is what the character DOES, but what did they MEAN by it. Hope this helps!

2 years ago

Answered By Ranjene M

Good job opening with a more general statement that leads to your thesis! It would be wise to focus exactly on the question being asked:  How does an individual's perspective of, and response to, a crisis define him or her. State specficially the answer to this in relation to your text. You may absolutely use the your insight about how and individua's perspective and response ALSO affects others. You can do this as a sub-topic or mention it in you conclusion (whichever occurs logically). Good luck! -R.

2 years ago

Answered By Stephen G

Good morning, I agree with many of the comments above, so I will not repeat to  what has already been stated. I tend to like succinct statements. I would like to suggest the following, but feel free to make c

In times of crisis, an individual's true character is often revealed (defined) to overcome obstacles.

2 years ago

Answered By Stephen G

I have been giving my response further thought, please see the addition.

In times of crisis, an individual's true character is often revealed (defined) to overcome obstacles and understand other people's feelings.

2 years ago

Answered By Christina L

This is a great start, keep going! Be concise, detailed, and list key words of the arguements you will elaborate on in the body of your essay. The important thing to do in your thesis, as mentioned above, is answering the question. Think of words like "action", "reaction", "behaviour", etc that will allow you to ground more of the key words/points you will argue (which answers the question). Those key words you can further support from the novel/ primary text. A thesis is always a work in progress as you write! Don't get discouraged from reorganizing, and rewording it, it's all part of the process. 

More questions that could help: How did the character notice it was a crisis? How did the character behave when the crisis was taking place? How did the crisis become significant to the character? /What did the character learn overall?

Hope this helps, keep at it!