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In garden pea plants, tall stem height (T) is dominant over short stem height (t), and green pod colour (G) is dominant over yellow pod colour (g). 

Some Genotypes of Pea Plants TTGG  TTGg TTgg  TtGG TtGg Ttgg  ttGG ttGg ttgg

What number would be for the following? Correct me if I am wrong, please :)

*Pea plant used for a test cross: #3 is what I put,  is that right?

Heterozygous tall and green pod pea plant  #4 is what I put, is that right?

Yellow pod heterozygous tall pea plant #6


Just one more double check:

Which of the following statements correctly describes the Law of Independent Assortment?


Select one:
a. A large Punnett square can be used to predict the outcome of a parental cross involving two traits.
b. The dominant allele is represented with an uppercase letter and the recessive allele is represented with a lowercase letter.
c. Sometimes all alleles lack dominance, which leads to a blending of traits.
d. Non-allelic genes do not affect each other if they are located on separate chromosomes.
Is the answer not a?

5 months ago

Answered By Ibrahim A

I am not sure what are you asking for question one. 

For question 2, the answer is D.

5 months ago

Answered By Pearl V

test cross is TTgg

heterozygous tall and green pod pea plant is TtGG and technically it can also be  TtGg because the green pod is dominated over yellow pod


Yellow pod Heterozygous tall pea plant is Ttgg 


First of all, the law of independent assortment says the alleles of two different genes are independent of each other. According to this statement, d is the correct answer.