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ok so my essential question is “how does an individuals perspective of, and response to, a crisis define him or her?” 

I made some adjustments and this is my final thesis: In times of crisis, one’s true character is often revealed through making life-changing decisions and overcoming obstacles. 

Does my thesis make senes? Is it okay if I didn’t use key worlds from the essential question like “perspective” and “define?” If you have any suggestions on how to improve my thesis, please let me know. thank you 


4 years ago

Answered By David F

I believe that I commented on this statement last time you posted it.  This version is much better.  It is simpler in construction, and simpler is always better.  I don't know how long your essay will be.  But from your thesis statement, your paper now should be about two issues: "life-changing descisions;" and "overcoming obstacles."