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On the political spectrum is right wing always individualist & left wing always collectivist?

1 year ago

Answered By Ravonna D

It is impossible for any political ideology to be entirely left or right, given that any collective must be made up of free thinking individuals with varying ideas and opinions, and no individual can exist entirely in and of themself, but must make up part of the collective and rely on the collective for survival.  

One does not need to look much farther for an example than the current state of affairs in America, which currently has a government further to the 'right' or 'individualist' - meaning supportive of the rights and freedoms of each individual, yet a large portion of the collective does not support the right of each individual to marry and love whomever they choose and believes in the right of the state to forbid such marriages, and foribd these individuals basic rights and services.  There has also been a current climate of allowing certain individuals to enter the country freely, while prohibiting entrance of certain other individuals. 

An opposite example might be the further to the 'left' wing Liberal Canadian government of the previous century, which ought, in theory, to have been more open minded and in favor of the people as a collective, yet forbid women - arguably an enormous part of the Canadian collective - to vote, and even challenged their status as 'persons' at all, until, in 1929 a small group of individuals protested, and lobbied to the Supreme Court that the Constitution be changed to recognise women as persons and therefore eligible to sit in the Senate, becoming a part of the collective and able to put forth opinions that would inevitably affect the entire country and the Canadian collective as a whole.