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Predict the change in enthalpy due to the combustion of 10.0 g of propane. Assuming that the molar heat of combustion of propane is -2043.9 kJ/mol.

1 year ago

Answered By Ryan H

We're given the mass of propane, and the molar enthalpy of combustion, so we need to determine how many moles of propane we have. To convert from mass to moles, we need the molar mass of propane.

The molar mass of propane, C3H8, is:

(3 x 12.01) + (8 x 1.01) g/mol

= 44.11 g/mol

So then the answer is:

10.0 g ÷ 44.11 g/mol x (-2043.9 kJ/mol)

= -463 kJ