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Role of government in society 

2 years ago

Answered By Gillian D

To represent the citizens in their electorate in legal action within the spheres of the economy and the community. The implementation of systems that connect the electors to the greater system in mutually beneficial ways. The focus is usually on the economy, but the public sphere or support systems and safety are also a part of the government.

2 years ago

Answered By Alexander F

The role of the government in society (at least those of a democratic nature), is to meet the will of people and introduce/maintain policies that reflect their understanding of what is best for society. These policies will usually be based in what is defined as law and economic principles. 

The extent to which a government is involved in its society will usually reflect the ideas of the political party in question, as well as the values of the citizens who are voting. For example, if a society values collectivism more they may elect a party that promises to increase taxation to fund new welfare programs (to the left on the political spectrum). Those who value individualism more would probably turn to a party promising less government involvement in the economy and the greater promotion of laissez faire capitalism (to the right on political spectrum).