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So my essential question is: how does an individuals perspective of, and response to, a crisis define him or her?

is it okay if I challenge it and write about how their response and perspective of the crisis actually doesn’t define them. Speaking on how it all depends on circumstances and other factors around a persons life therefore that response doesn’t define them. 

2 years ago

Answered By Shaina S


My advice is to answer the question directly. This is very important, as if you do not answer the question, you are not completing the assignment. This skill is particularly important for diploma exams, and as you conintue your education through university. 

Although you may have excellent reasoning for how other circumstances and other life experiences define an individual, the reader of this paper is looking for an answer to the proposed question and will critqiue your paper based on your critical and analytic thinking with respect to the question asked. 

Some suggestions may be to discuss the concept of people being defined by their actions vs. their intentions, related specifically to a crisis. How does an indivudal's response, or lack there of, shape who they are as a person? What do people gain, or lose, based on their response to a crisis? How may this affect a persons' character and/or actions in the future?