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The phenotype of

a heterozygous sheep and a homozygous recessive sheep


1 year ago

Answered By Mandy H

What does phenotype mean? A phenotype is an observerable characteristic given to an organism due to its genes. 

What is homozygous and heterozygous? Homozygous is when both alleles for a gene are the same; heterozygous is when the alleles are different. 

What is a recessive trait? The trait will not show up in the offspring unless it is homozygous. It is overpowered by the dominant trait, so the organism will not have that as an observerable characteristic. 

In order to solve for the phenotype, the best way to do this would be to set up a punnet square. 

For example (as this isn't given in the question), let's say the dominant trait is black wool (B) and the recessive trait is white wool (b). 

The parent herterozygous sheep (Bb) would have black wool and the parent homozygous recessive sheep (bb) would have white wool. 

As you can see from the punnet square below, half the offspring has the genotype Bb, which means they will have black wool; the other half has the genotype bb, which means they will have white wool. 

If you generalize the answer, then that means half of the offspring would look like the male sheep and other other half would look like the female sheep. 


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