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Use of Power by Dictators

Dictators use the following four techniques to gain and maintain power:

indoctrination force and terror use of scapegoats propaganda

Create a slideshow to demonstrate how both Stalin and Hitler used these techniques.

2 years ago

Answered By Kris N

Hi there.

Some ideas that you may want to explore further and include in your presentation:

Hitler and the Third Reich

Indoctrination: The Hitler Youth and the population being encouraged to read Mein Kampf (Hitler's book). Schools, Universities and science all telling the German populace that they were the "Master Race" from a very young age. All this confirmed with pseudo-science.

Use of Scapegoats: Blaming Jews, Gypsies, homosexuals and basically anyone else that was different for Germany's problems. Especially blaming the Jews for Germany's loss in WW1.

Force and Terror: Kristallnacht, Book Burnings, the invasions of the Sudetenland, invasion of the rest of Czechoslovakia, anschluss with Austria and finally the invasion of Poland. The GESTAPO (secret police).

Propaganda: Nazi films such as "Triumph of the Will" and false news reporting. Huge Nazi rallies at such places as Nuremberg. The 1936 Berlin Olympics. Art work and posters.


The Soviet Union and Stalin

Indoctrination: The Soviet Union had "Political Commisars" that ensured you obeyed the party and did not speak out about their transgressions. If you did you woul often be killed.

Force and Terror: The pogroms and forced starvation of the Ulrainians during the 1930's failed land reform project. Under Stalin's regime you were also encouraged to tell on your neighbours for pretty much anything. The use of labour camps and being exiled to Siberia.  

Use of Scapegoats: Blaming the "West" and capitalism. Blaming the "bougeois". Blaming the Czarists as well as the Poles for Russia's problems. 

Propaganda: The official newspaper was PRAVDA and totally reported what the government wanted the citizens to know. The irony is that "PRAVDA" means truth. Signalling out religion and intelectualism for people's problems. The use of Art for propaganda purposes. 

These are a few good ideas and should give you a good start on your project.