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When the blood pressure drops, the body responds by
Select one:
decreasing ADH production to decrease vasoconstriction
 increasing ADH production to increase urine volume
 increasing ADH production to increase vasoconstriction
 decreasing ADH production to decrease urine volume

4 years ago

Answered By Yamini G

C- increasing ADH production to increase vasoconstriction


ADH will cause increased water absorption from the kidneys and vasoconstriction, this increasing volume of blood in the blood vessels, thereby increasing blood pressure. 

4 years ago

Answered By Aiea M

In an attempt to increase blood pressure, there is two options, either increasing the volume of blood output by the heart or decerasing the area of the blood vessels increasing the pressure. This means it is either A or C. ADH is responsible for vasaoconstriction, which decreases the are of the bood vessels inceasing the blood pressure. Hence the answer is C.