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You have an apple that you would like to weigh, but you don't have a scale. You do have a slinky and a quick internet search tells you that it has a spring constant of 10.0 N/m. You hang the apple from the wonky and measure that the slinky stretches 9.92 cm. What is the mass of the apple?

5 months ago

Answered By Arsalan Q

Hookes Law is the way to go for this question


where F is the force exerted by the apple, -k is your spring constant, and x is the displacement of the spring.

setting this up the variable we have are


m=mass of the apple=?

a= force of gravity down= -9.81 m/s^2

k= 10N/m

x=0.0992 m (we need the units ot cancel so change it from cm to meters)






m=0.101 kg

m= 101 grams

hope this helped :)