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 I'm doing a project on immigartion to Canada. We were assigned a character during the 1800's and I got an American middle-class Lawyer. (That doesn't have to be his profession though) My character settles in Upper Canada, York (Today Toronto).

*** For the FINAL stage, we need to research on what legacy our character could have left/ how Americans influenced things in Canada *** I NEED HELP finding both secondary and primary sources!

9 months ago

Answered By Emily D

So all your teachers will tell you not to use Wikipedia - they're kind of right. Don't cite Wikipedia. If you scroll down to the bottom of the Wikipedia page, there's a list of references they used. Click on those and use them! Another good place to search is on Google Scholar: try searching terms like "Canadian immigration 19th century" and "early American immigration to Canada"

Once you find some sources you like, look at the sources THEY referenced. Often you'll find primary sources like journals, documents, and diaries from there.