Reading, spelling and comprehension of words

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I'd like to give you some tips on: reading, spelling and comprehension. First I'd like you to remember that the more you do it, the better you get. Second you need to know that some things will come easier than others. There will also be difficulty along the way. Don't get down on yourself! Third be patient you won't learn everything at once and no one expects that anyways. It's a process. When I was a little girl, I had a parent that spent hours upon hours with, me learning and pronouncing words. Even though our brains are big and full of information we, can't remember everything. This is where pen and paper become your best friend. When spelling friend in the last sentence, it did'nt look right, so I googled it to make sure. You've probably heard this before: I before e accept after C. As an adult their are words that I still have difficulty prononouncing. What I do you ask? I sound it out in my head/ or out loud, I get pen and paper, or I grab the dictionary (small pocket dictionaries) are good for busy people. I encourage you to do the same. Write; the words down a few times, sound them out, then look it up. Use the word in a sentence. Practice with a your dog, sister or your brother. In grade school I choose to learn a new word a week. Then for a whole week I'd use that word as many times as I could, until, I understood what it meant. At the end of the week I did'nt always know what the word meant, most of the time, not always. The last tip is read alot. Night time stories are a great way to practice. You can make up your own stories to keep it fresh! Don't forget to ask lots of questions. Thanks for reading. 



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