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I graduated from the University of Calgary with a Bachelor of Science degree concurrent with a Bachelor of Education degree in 2018. I have worked in the Calgary Board of Education as a substitute teacher for a year, hence I have had the opportunity to meet and work with students of differing skill sets. This has allowed me to better differentiate my teaching techniques and to incorporate new approaches to concepts mandated by the Alberta curriculum. I believe education is a means to allow students to develop transferable skills, hence I focus strongly on fundamental skills before building on new concepts. As well, I hope to provide encouragement for students to develop resiliency, as they learn coping mechanisms that will allow them to succeed in other aspects of life. This stems from the understanding that students are unique and they each have their learning methods; it is important to work with the material provided by the student's teacher at school so they find success in class. My summers are spent at the Minds in Motion summer camps, were we engage children and youth in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) related activities. I have had the opportunity to build with Lego Mindstorms, use TinkerCad and Scratch, encountered various professionals in various fields and performed cool science experiments (such as exploding watermelons while talking about pressure and making 'elephants toothpaste'). I speak fluent Cantonese; English is my second language, hence I understand the difficulties of learning a new language while learning new concepts.

Mandy Speaks the following languages:

English (Native Or Bilingual)

Mandy's relevant education:

University of Calgary (Chemistry, Biology and Education)

Mandy's availabilities:

Sundays between 9:00am and 5:00pm
Tuesdays between 5:00pm and 8:00pm
Mondays between 4:30pm and 7:00pm
Thursdays between 4:30pm and 7:00pm
Saturdays between 2:00pm and 6:00pm

Tutor's the following subjects:

Biology 20 $35/hr (home) $30/hr (online)   Biology 30 $35/hr (home) $30/hr (online)   Chemistry 20 $35/hr (home) $30/hr (online)   Chemistry 30 $35/hr (home) $30/hr (online)   Math Grades 3-6 $30/hr (home) $30/hr (online)   Math Grades 7-9 $30/hr (home) $30/hr (online)   Reading Comprehension $30/hr (home) $30/hr (online)   Reading Writing Grades 1-6 $30/hr (home) $30/hr (online)   Science 10 $35/hr (home) $30/hr (online)   Science 20 $35/hr (home) $30/hr (online)   Science 30 $35/hr (home) $30/hr (online)   Science Grades 7-9 $30/hr (home) $30/hr (online)  

Tutor's in:

Beddington Heights  Country Hills  Coventry Hills  Creekside  Evanston  Hamptons  Hanson Ranch  Harvest Hills  Hidden Valley  Kincora  MacEwan  Panorama Hills  Sandstone  Sherwood  view more communities...

"Mandy is very patient , organize, punctual and knowledgeable.. She tries different strategies in order to help my son understand concepts in Chemistry, Physics , Biology & Ecology. She provides review materials and she explained the different concepts by giving exercises that my son can practice on."


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