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find the side length of the right triangle

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5 years ago

Answered By Megan R

cos(45) = ?/17

1/$\sqrt{2}$2 = ?/17

17/ $\sqrt{2}$2 = ?

5 years ago

Answered By Negar S

cos(45)= a/17

a=12.02 cm


Review Cos, Sin and Tan... then pretty easy to solve this.

5 years ago

Answered By Becky L

Let x be the ? side length.

cos = adj./hyp.

cos 45 = x/17 (since 17 cm is the hypotenuse as it is opposite the right angle and the side x is adjacent to the angle 45 degree)

cos 45/1 = x/17

x = 17*cos 45 (using cross multiplication)

x = 12.02 cm

5 years ago

Answered By Sosimo H

This is a classical example of the Pythagorean Theorem. It states that in any right triangle, the sum of the squares of the lenght of the triangle legs is the same as the square of the lenght of the triangle.

Lets say that: 

5 years ago

Answered By Sosimo H

  $C^2=a^2+b^2$C2=a2+b2       We only know C=17 cm and the angle 45. So we need to remember that :

Sin Q = Op / Hyp  = b/c

Cos Q = Adj/ Hyp 

Tan Q= a/b

In this case we have to take  Cos Q = a/c 

Therefore : a = c x cos Q ; substituting the terms , we have  a = 17x cos 45 = 17x 0.707=12.02 cm 

Finally we have the answer , a = 12.02 cm

5 years ago

Answered By Anthony C

Remember that Cos( $\theta$θ ) = adj/hyp.

So in this case we need to solve the following equation;

Cos(45) = x/17

17Cos(45) = x     [Multiply both sides by 17]

Type the left hand side into your calculator (make sure it's in degree mode) and you've solved the equation.

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4 years ago

Answered By Peter O

This is "isosceles right triangle"

The opposite and adjacent sides are equal

c = 17cm

c2 = a2 + a2  $\rightarrow$ c2 = 2a2 

a2 = c2 $\div$÷ 2

     = $\frac{17^2}{2}$1722   


a = $\sqrt{144.5}$144.5 


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