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f(x) x=7



Posted 1 year ago by in Math 20-2 | 0 answers
#quadratic functions 

determine the number of sides in a regular polygon if each interior angle measures to 160


Posted 1 year ago by shaistaikhan in Math 20-2 | 3 answers
#angle properties in triangles and other polygons 

the solution to nx^2+PX+Q=0 are 4 and -2/5. what information does this tell you about the graph of f(x)=nx^2+px+q?

Posted 7 months ago by npaulovich in Math 20-2 | 2 answers
#quadratic equations #quadratic functions 


Posted 5 months ago by Joeyvink1 in Math 20-2 | 5 answers
#quadratic functions