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what is the volume for diamter 14.6 and Height 16.8

5 years ago

Answered By Geoff B

V = pi * r* h = pi * (d/2)2 * h

= pi * (14.6/2)^2 * 16.8

= 2813

5 years ago

Answered By Megan R

If you're asking for the volume of a CYLINDER with diameter 14.6 and height 16.8, the formula is V = (pi)(r)2h = (pi)(7.3)2(16.8) = 2813 to the nearest 10th of a unit where diameter = 2r 

5 years ago

Answered By Negar S

Do you mean volume of cylinder? And what are the units?  

If yes 

Volume = Area . Height

Area= 3.14 x (14.6)2 /4=167.33

Volume= 167.33 x 16.8 = 2811



5 years ago

Answered By Muhammad H

Lets assume, it is required to find the volume of a cylinder with diameter=14.6 and height=16.8

Formula to calculate the volume of a cylinder is

Volume = Pi * radius^2 * height 

As radius is half of diameter (given), we can solve for radius = diameter / 2 = 14.6 / 2 = 7.3

and Pi = 3.14159, we can write the above volume equation as

Volume = 3.1459 * 7.3^2 * 16.8

Volume = 2816.44


5 years ago

Answered By Clifton P

To calculate the volume we need to cut our object into pieces and add them up.

Assuming we're looking at a cylinder, with diameter 14.6, and height 16.8, we can cut this cylinder into little discs because discs are easy to work with(mathematically anyway).

Cut a disc from this cylinder and it will have surface area,  

 $A=\pi\cdot r^2$A=π·r2  

remembering that the radius is half the diameter,

 $A=\pi\cdot\left(\frac{d}{2}\right)^2$A=π·(d2 )2 

So now we have the cylinder cut into tiny discs, but how many? The cylinder is 16.8 tall so we have 16.8 discs.

Now we have the equation for the volume of a cylinder,

 $V=A\cdot h$V=A·h 

 $V=\pi\cdot\left(\frac{d}{2}\right)^2\cdot h$V=π·(d2 )2·h 

plugging our numbers in, we have

  $V=\pi\cdot\left(\frac{14.6}{2}\right)^2\cdot16.8$V=π·(14.62 )2·16.8 


Rounding to one decimal place