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  • $55.00/hour
  • Bachelor's Degree
  • Police Background Check Jan 24, 2019
I am a certified Alberta teacher, specializing in English Language Arts (Honors) with a focus on Secondary Education (Grades 7-12). I have over 10+ years of teaching/tutoring experience in Calgary, an...
  • $0.00 - $55.00/hour
  • Offers subscription plans
  • Master's Degree
  • Police Background Check Jan 5, 2015
Teaching children is a very special opportunity as they are motivated and inspired to learn through encouragement and attention to their unique needs. I am a certified teacher and have 15 years of e...
  • $43.00 - $51.00/hour
  • Bachelor's Degree
  • Police Background Check Apr 24, 2018
I am a McGill University graduate. I have my Bachelor of Education, secondary level. I have eight years of teaching experience, I have worked in both the public and private school systems, I have taug...
  • $37.00 - $49.00/hour
  • Bachelor's Degree
  • Offers Online Tutoring
  • Police Background Check Oct 30, 2018
As a tutor, my first priority is to help my students minimize their struggles. This means taking the time to get to know them, find the root cause of their issues, and address the cause through commun...
  • $40.00 - $45.00/hour
  • University or College Student
  • Police Background Check Aug 10, 2018
I am a Alberta certified teacher currently subbing with the Calgary Board of Education. I am in my sixth year of teaching and have a Bachelors of Education in Social Studies and English along with a B...

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